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Helping The Horses and Animals of The Roma Community

WVS sends out an average to 5 teams of skilled and specialist vets every month. 

In April 2015 WVS  combined forces with ARC Horse welfare to give veterinary care to horses and dogs belonging to the Roma community in the Algarve.  

Temporary headquarters was set up in Albufeira, a well known city for its tourism in the Faro district. There is a small population of Roma community spread in and around town, in different camps who have relied on the use of horses for trade for hundreds of years and today is still the case. 

The team existed of different members from all over the EU. Two vets; one German, living and practicing in Italy for the past 30 year; one Dutch, living and practicing in the UK for the past 5 years. One British vet nurse from a mixed practice and one British administrator currently living in France. 

This team was further reinforced by Samantha Birch, head of ARC Horse welfare, and our main translator plus two members of WVS, documenting the event.